Ever since the first digital pianos were developed, instrument manufacturers have been striving to design and make an electronic instrument that emulates the playing experience of a real concert piano. The next chapter in the history of the piano has been written by the revolutionary CASIO Grand Hybrid pianos.

These new digital pianos include sounds of the three most famous concert pianos, a keyboard system based on the same materials and dynamic actions of a concert grand piano, and a sound system that delivers the rich sound quality and broad spectrum of an acoustic piano. The only place to find this perfect combination of acoustic and digital technologies is in the CASIO CELVIANO Grand Hybrid.

Sound Source

Groundbreaking Sound Technology from Casio

AiR* Grand Sound Source

Multi Dimensional Morphing

CASIO multidimensional morphing technology creates natural and smooth transitions in volume and tone based on the touch response and sound duration.

*AiR = Acoustic & Intelligent Resonator

Acoustic Simulator

Resonance System

Simulates the sound produced by the string resonance of each of the 88 keys

Hammer Response

Expresses different note sounding timing for each pitch range

Key Off Simulator

Expresses differences in tone reverberation depending on the speed of key release

Action Sound System

A concert piano also generates different types of mechanical noise that form an important part of the overall sound. CASIO is aiming for a realistic sound impression by reproducing these sound components as well.

Lossless Audio Compression

The advanced Lossless Audio Compression technology makes it possible to reproduce sounds in the original sound quality.

The CASIO Hybrid pianos contain the sounds from three world famous concert grands. One oft hem – Berlin Grand – was developed in collaboration with C. Bechstein.




Creation of a 3D sound field simulating the sound reflection off the piano lid and the floor


Immersive sound which also includes the sound that passes through the wooden keyboard like in an acoustic grand piano

Improvements for the new generation of Grand Hybrid:

  • Improved overall sound using newly designed main speakers with excellent bass reproduction
  • Enhanced dynamic expression from rich, deep bass tones to crisp mids and highs
  • Automatic adjustment of the output balance depending on volume for an improved natural sound field
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Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard

The keyboard concept „Natural Grand Hammer Action“ combines an extraordinary hammer mechanism with first-class materials to make the user really feel that they are playing a grand piano. The high quality wood for the precisely manufactured keys is carefully selected and finished.

Improvements for the new generation of Grand Hybrid:

  • Improved touch response for higher dynamic resolution and realsistic tone characteristics
  • Improved expressiveness for pianissimo playing

Resonance System

The keyboard mechanism of CELVIANO Grand Hybrid models is a CASIO development, which includes a hammer action derived from concert pianos as well as three sensors per key that accurately measure and reproduce the intensity of key strike.

Hammer Response

Same wooden key material as used in C. Bechstein grand pianos

Key Off Simulator

The fulcrums are positioned in relation to the keys in exactly the same way as on a concert piano.


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