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USB keyboards & digital pianos - save and share sounds

CASIO electronic keyboard instruments are in demand worldwide by musicians of all genres. Whether on stage, in the studio, for amateur musicians or beginners - CASIO Music offers keyboards and digital pianos for everyone. Why are digital pianos and keyboards so sought after by CASIO? CASIO keyboards and digital pianos have so much to offer! Popular with musicians of all kinds, CASIO offers incomparable sonority, huge selection of sounds and rhythms, flexible connectivity with other instruments, and advanced features such as keyboard recording - these are the key features of CASIO USB keyboards and USB digital pianos.

It’s their flexible connectivity with other instruments and advanced features such as keyboard recording, which contribute to the popularity of CASIO instruments. Keyboard recording is one of the key features of CASIO USB keyboards and USB digital pianos.

USB-TO-DEVICE interface brings creative ideas to the stick

USB keyboards and digital pianos have a convenient USB-TO-DEVICE interface. This interface allows commercially available storage media such as USB sticks or flash drives to connect and transfer data to or from the instrument. Unlike the USB-TO-HOST interface, which can be used to control PCs, laptops or tablets, the USB-TO-DEVICE interface is used to store music files and settings. For example, music files in .WAV format can be recorded on the USB port via external devices such as a USB stick or an external hard disk.

USB keyboards & e-pianos - exciting features for beginners and professionals

Modern USB digital pianos and USB keyboards from CASIO are designed to appeal to both beginner and professional musicians. Beginners appreciate the recording capabilities on external storage media which is used to improve their technique and learning progress. Creative musicians, composers and arrangers use this option to enhance their musical ideas and share them with other musicians or producers.

CASIO USB keyboards and USB digital pianos enable a large range of experimentation for creative musicians, especially for professionals. The instruments have up to 88, touch-sensitive keys that allow for expressive and powerful playing at the same time.

Depending on the model, the keyboards and electric pianos in this range deliver up to a 256-voice polyphony as well as extensive sound libraries with up to 700 different tones. Additionally there are hundreds of accompaniment rhythms and sophisticated features such as layering, split, chorus, reverb, delay or sampling functionality. Most of these functions can be conveniently switched on via pads, keyboard shortcuts and knobs. An integrated LCD displays the current settings such as timbre, rhythm, fingering, pedal operation, tempo, bar and beat as well as chord name, which makes it easier for beginners to play complex pieces.

USB keyboards & digital pianos from CASIO - perfection in sound and function

At CASIO Music we offer a wide range of instruments with USB connections. Learn all about the technology and features of CASIO's USB keyboards and USB digital pianos. Browse through the current collection and get to know the features. You can also click here to find a CASIO dealer near you, where you can try out the CASIO keyboard with USB-TO-DEVICE interface and USB digital pianos. Play the instruments, experience the possibilities and amazing sounds of the keyboards and digital pianos with the enhanced USB-TO-DEVICE connection.


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