Grand Hybrid Special

Our topic special provides everything you need to know about the unique combination of excellent sound quality, sophisticated technology and perfect design of the Celviano Grand Hybrid Digital Piano series.

PX-S Special

Our special website reveals exactly what makes the incredibly compact, portable digital pianos in the CASIO Privia series so unique. Explore exciting videos, an interview and lots of information about sound production, hammer action and the powerful speaker system.

CT-X special

In addition to the new AiX Sound Source technology, the Casio CT-X series keyboard offers everything required to convert musical ideas using authentic sounds to achieve powerful results — find more information and videos here in the topic special.

Casiotone Special

The new generation of Casiotone instruments offer innovative technology and design. Find more information about such features as the Dance Music Mode, the Chordana Play app connectivity and more.

Dance Music Mode

Producing great dance tracks couldn't be easier. Using Dance Music Mode, you can create songs that are worthy of topping the charts with very little hassle. Find out more about the functions of Dance Music Mode and which models are equipped with this mode.

Sound and design technologies from CASIO Music

CASIO Electronic Musical Instruments: Outstanding digital pianos and excellent keyboards from CASIO have inspired musicians and music fans for more than four decades. The decisive factor for this success is wide-ranging technological expertise that is constantly being developed by CASIO. This expertise covers all aspects that make up modern electronic keyboard instruments: sound and sound generation, design, keyboard and hammer mechanics, software and all the electronic components that are directly connected to it.

You can find out what makes CASIO digital pianos and keyboards particularly special in our carefully compiled CASIO Music Technology Specials.

CELVIANO Grand Hybrid – a perfect combination of acoustic and digital technologies

Anyone who plays or hears a CELVIANO Grand Hybrid model for the first time will want to know, with this breathtaking sound quality, what engineering artistry and technological sophistication is behind it. It's quite simple: the finest and most extraordinary CASIO technologies work together for sound and touch mechanics – supported by the sophisticated design of these elegant premium instruments.

These include CASIO's revolutionary sound technology AiR (Acoustic & Intelligent Resonator) Grand Sound Source, the Grand Acoustic System and the Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard. Moreover, the keyboard implementation of the hybrid CASIO digital piano models uses virtually the same precious materials and movement mechanisms as a real, purely acoustic grand piano.

To experience the sonority, impressive resonance and exquisite feel of a CELVIANO Grand Hybrid for yourself, visit a specialist dealer at the next opportunity.

PRIVIA PX-S – ultra-compact without compromising on sound

Demanding technological standards have also been applied to another CASIO digital piano series, the PRIVIA PX-S models. The focus of these digital pianos is on the optimal symbiosis of design and sound: the dream of a digital piano which consists, in practical terms, of just a keyboard and speakers. With the two latest PRIVIA PX-S models and the motto SLIM.STYLISH.SMART., the CASIO Music design engineers have fulfilled this vision.

If you are looking for a digital piano that is compact and portable yet delivers first-class sound, the PX-S3000 and the PX-S1000 – incidentally a red dot award winner in the Design category – are two perfect solutions. Both PRIVIA models from CASIO produce a phenomenally rich and detailed sound from their ultra-compact design.

But what exactly ensures these excellent acoustic results in such slim dimensions? It is the smart technological equipment that has been specifically developed and combined to take up little space in the body: speakers specially designed for small spaces, a keyboard with a new scaled hammer holding mechanism and the CASIO AiR sound technology with high-quality processors.

Intelligent modern features such as the Chordana Play Piano app and Bluetooth® audio round off the two feature-packed PX-S models: with the CASIO app, including MIDI and Audio players, you can control the digital piano on your smart phone while you practise. Furthermore, thanks to the Bluetooth® connection, you can accompany your favourite tracks with amazing spatial sound effects.

CT-X – keyboards with revolutionary sound technology

What applies to the CASIO digital pianos also unquestionably comes first for the CASIO keyboard: the best technological CASIO know-how for sound that will inspire you. All keyboards in CASIO's CT-X series are amazing in that the familiar sound of acoustic instruments such as pianos, strings, brass and drums can be heard in authentic quality. Furthermore, in the two top models, the CT-X5000 and the CT-X3000, a new audio system additionally ensures an impressively rich sound experience.

Above all, it is CASIO AiX Sound Source technology that is responsible for the powerful acoustic performance of these portable digital CASIO keyboard instruments. Sound is created by carefully combining high-tech components with powerful performance – accompanied by versatile state-of-the-art features for people who want to get really creative musically.

Give the speakers plenty to do with an amplification power of 15W + 15W, for example by using the huge selection of acoustic effects and timbres or pre-programmed rhythms or by using the 17-track MIDI recorder and the multi-channel mixer with 42 tracks. Depending on the model, you can capture, store, fine-tune and effectively edit up to 128 self-composed sequences and up to 10 songs with a CASIO CT-X keyboard. Go create!

CASIOTONE keyboards – innovative, compact all-rounders

If you're still in the early stages of making music, one of the four CASIO keyboards from the CASIOTONE series will be convenient and helpful for you. The illuminated key system with differentiable touch dynamics and the step-up teaching function with defined learning units on the CASIO LK-S250 show beginners the right notes. With the illuminated keys of this keyboard, unpopular practising quickly turns into initial success and progress.

CASIOTONE keyboards are also an ideal solution for those who have been making music for a long time. This is because they are compact and portable, robust, easy to use and yet incredibly versatile in terms of technology. Among the features you will find on CASIOTONE keyboards, depending on the model, are the Volume Sync Equaliser for balanced sound at any pitch or volume, the My Setup setting to save favourite setups, and the Pitch Bend wheel to create smooth transitions between notes.

Three of the CASIOTONE keyboards are also compatible with apps that beginners and advanced players alike will appreciate. With Chordana Play Keyboards you have 50 pieces of music included in the app's learning library. If this is not enough for you to learn, you can expand the app library with any MIDI files. As you play, the app visualises clues to the correct notes – so you can quickly get closer to the dream of making music yourself.

With the second app, Dance Music Mode, your own dance tracks are just a few keystrokes away: 50 dance music styles from EDM, hip-hop and house are waiting for your mix ideas. Once a track has been created, you have a variety of options, for example with four pattern phrases for drums, bass and synthesiser and four sound effects. And with the 12 voice sample types of the Voice function you can add a finishing touch to your tracks.

By the way: with the legendary CASIOTONE model CT-201, which was launched in 1980, CASIO presented the vocal consonant synthesis process which was able to reproduce 29 different musical instruments via a single device. A technological masterpiece that was neither an electric organ nor a synthesiser and thus wrote a piece of music history.


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