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Brittani Washington

Brittani Washington has not only toured as a keyboard player with the international star Beyoncé for over six years, but also works with many top-class musicians such as Jay-Z, Kanye West and CeeLo Green (Gnarls Barkley). Alongside her job as a professional musician, Brittani is also committed to supporting homeless musicians and abused women in her home state of Texas (USA).

Kateryna Titova

"She is a revolutionary with a brilliant technique, someone who goes against the grain; no punk of the classical scene but not entirely refined either, an artist who tells stories with her hands", MDR declared when Kateryna Titova’s debut recording of works by Rachmaninoff was released by Sony Classical in 2009.

Irene Veneziano

Successful all over the world and with many accolades to her name: Read more here about an artist who is sharing and inspiring others with her ability as a pianist, jury member, teacher and professional consultant.

Kay Ray

Kay Ray is a German entertainer, a performer with no shame who relies on a Privia model on stage and in rehearsals.

Clara Haberkamp

"Clara Haberkamp — one of the most unique pianists on the German jazz scene." (Odilo Clausnitzer, Deutschlandfunk).
Sophisticated melodies meet unimaginable improvisation. When Clara goes on tour, she always takes her Privia piano with her for rehearsals.

Debby Smith

Find out how this exceptional young singer's career has developed from a gospel choir to her first studio performance and appearances live on stage.

Natalia Posnova

Read more about this virtuoso crossover artist — the only concert pianist in the world who can interpret the rock music of Queen in a classical style.


LENNA is formed of Alenna Rose (vocals, keyboard), Tammo Reckeweg (guitar, vocals), Juri Reckeweg (drums, vocals) and Florian Mitz (bass, vocals). Founded in 2013 in Stuhr near Bremen, the band's first EP "1000 Farben" (1000 colours) was released in 2015 with the single "Alles ist anders" (Everything is different).

Pierre-Yves Plat

Is it Classic or Disco? Or Boogie, Jazz, Ragtime or salsa - interpreted in a classical way?

Wilhem Latchoumia

High talented: Experience more about the special knowledge of this pianist, who celebrates international success.

Enrico Noel Czmorek

Learn more here about the first time this young Hungarian musician tickled the ivories, how many piano competitions he has already won and where he is learning to improve his exceptional talent.

Kristian Terzic

When it comes to skills on keys, not many artists have such a range as Kristian Terzic. Read more about what the multi-talented musician from Croatia has to offer on the piano and keyboard, both live and in studio.

CASIO Music Community

Musicians around the world play, compose, arrange and practise on CASIO digital pianos and keyboards. Artists differ from one another through their individual careers – they develop their own preferences, and thus a distinctive style. With this in mind, CASIO's range of high-quality electronic and digital keyboard instruments has also been constantly developed and refined. After all, the differentiated choice of CASIO musical instruments aims to meet the musical requirements of a wide variety of artists in the best possible way.

CASIO Music artist promotion

Whether CASIO Music Talentdays, CASIO Masterclasses, CASIO Grand Hybrid experience or support for music schools – for many years CASIO MUSIC has been involved in the music world by promoting and organising events for young musical talents. The interest of young talent in these CASIO Music competitions and events remains high and the ""results"", i.e. impressive performances and successful career starts are there to be seen, or better, heard.

The CASIO Music Community currently includes almost a dozen young and renowned artists. They have been supported in various ways by CASIO Music. Some are now also CASIO brand ambassadors and have taken their first steps on stage with CASIO Music digital pianos or keyboards, or still use CASIO musical instruments as a matter of course for performances and compositions, for writing pieces, for sampling or for spontaneous jam sessions.

Many musicians in the CASIO Music Community focus on classical music, i.e. from early music such as baroque music to Viennese classical music and music from the Romantic period. However, much more modern styles and performing art forms are also part of the repertoire of artists in the CASIO Music Community, including jazz, hip-hop, funk, soul, R&B, pop and even cabaret. To help you get to know the CASIO Music Community a little better we have created detailed artist portraits for you. Almost every one of them is supplemented by high-quality videos with wonderful samples from concerts and exclusive performances.

Top acts in the CASIO Music Artist pool

Since 2016, Hungarian Enrico Noel Czmorek has enriched the CASIO Music Community. He is also brand ambassador for the CASIO CELVIANO Grand Hybrid, which was developed in collaboration with C. Bechstein. Playing the piano has been an integral part of his life since he was three years old. The exceptional student studies with Frölich at the Academy of Music and Dance Cologne/Aachen. To date he has participated in eight master classes, for example with Lang Lang in Barcelona and Benjamin Grosvenor in Berlin, and has won twenty major national and international competitions.

You can get to know the French pianist Wilhelm Latchoumia not only here in the CASIO Music Community, but also in concerts and chamber music concerts and at festivals, or through the albums that he has released. His playing, which has received several international awards, is characterised by outstanding versatility in the field of classical and contemporary music. Latchoumia composes, works with choreographers, and also has a degree in musicology.

"Everything is different" – when LENNA, the German pop/rock band from northern Germany wrote this title in the rehearsal room, it was with the accompaniment of one of our CASIO Privia digital pianos. The power pop artists came onto the music scene in 2013 and since then have created an impression with their good-humoured, hand-made sound with a pinch of melancholy and creative hooks that simply stick. An irresistible combination and the best basis for remaining musically successful.

Pianist Clara Haberkamp, who also works as a composer and singer and lectures at two universities, lives and works in Berlin. After studying at the Jazz-Institute Berlin and the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre (HfMT), Clara toured internationally, received several awards, founded a trio that continues to perform as Duo Candour, and has already released five albums – as a solo performer and as part of the trio. With her incomparably diverse talents, she continues to thrill audiences and enrich the CASIO Music Community.

Inventive, indescribably entertaining and a little bit eccentric – pianist Pierre-Yves Plat is nothing less than a piano virtuoso. The Frenchman mixes and transforms classical music and ragtime, jazz, boogie, salsa and disco with bravura and in a breathtakingly casual way – with unique musical sensitivity and full of esprit. Thanks to his exceptional skills, he is an exemplary brand ambassador for the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid line from CASIO.

Concert pianist Natalia Posnova was influenced by a home where classical music and rock and roll were equally loved, and was educated at the best music schools. She grew up to become an exceptional artist who can not only play the piano breathtakingly well, but also compose and arrange. She plays on a CASIO CELVIANO Grand Hybrid and interprets rock titles in a classical fashion and classical pieces as rock, and does so in such an outstanding crossover that even Queen guitarist Brian May became a fan.

Entertainment always wins through music: the successful German entertainer and cabaret artist Kay Ray knows this, of course. With him on stage or at rehearsals – his CASIO Privia digital piano. Kay Ray's musical repertoire includes hits, chansons and golden oldies which he sometimes accompanies himself with virtuosity on the keys – artfully presented with wry, dark humour that skilfully whistles at social conventions and political correctness.

A fantastic voice and excellent piano playing, her own lyrics and songs, Debby Smith has everything that makes a ""real"" musician. Debby was already playing the piano at the age of six. At 12 she started song writing and singing as a soloist in a gospel choir. Many years of piano lessons, A-levels and studies at the University of Music in Hamburg followed, and she now has her own album ""Peace of Mind"", with lyrics and chords by Debby Smith of course.

A musician in the CASIO Music Community relies on instrumental support from our range in several ways: Kristian Terzic uses CASIO's PRIVIA-Pro PX5S and PX-560M digital pianos, the XW-P1 synthesiser, the MZ-X500 keyboard and the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid GP-500 digital piano on stage. After all, someone who has won so many awards, is an accomplished piano and keyboard player, is in demand as a band and studio musician, arranger and composer, and has already released his own album, simply needs a lot of sound impressions.

To be a twenty-time award winner in categories 1 and 2 is something that can only be achieved by someone who has sat at a keyboard instrument from an early age – like Kateryna Titova. The Ukrainian, who now lives in Germany, has been playing the piano since she was five years old. Her outstanding talent and career, with study visits to Russia, Germany, England and Italy, led to an international career as a soloist and chamber musician with celebrated performances together with world-renowned symphony orchestras on prestigious stages.

The official CASIO Music brand ambassador for the CASIO CELVIANO Grand Hybrid series is Irene Veniziano. She is considered one of the world's finest pianists and regularly performs in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Irene Veniziano has won over 30 piano competitions and also works as a musical consultant. Listen to and watch Irene here in the CASIO Music Community Portrait with her brilliant performance of the Allegro de Concierto OP.46 by the Spanish composer Enrique Granados.

Being so good that global stars like Beyoncé or successful musicians like CeeLo Green and Kanye West want to work with you is something that not everyone is able to write in their biography. Brittani Washington can. She is a first-class keyboardist from the USA with a fabulous voice, and in 2019 became the official PRIVIA brand ambassador for CASIO Music. Brittani uses the power that she draws from music to work on various charitable projects such as the musical education of children and young people in collaboration with CASIO.


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