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CASIO Hybrid Digital Pianos - Welcome to the premium class

CASIO offers a wide range of digital pianos. These range from typical beginner instruments such as the CELVIANO, PRIVIA and COMPACT series, which have found a solid home in music schools, households and on stages, to digital pianos for rehearsal and for the stage, all of which form the CASIO hybrid digital piano range. Hybrid pianos represent the best of two worlds: they combine the advantages of acoustic instruments with those of modern digital sound production in one instrument. The CELVIANO Grand Hybrid CASIO series is aimed at demanding music lovers and professional pianists.

Top models from the Hybrid Piano collection such as the CASIO GP-510 offer a sound character that is otherwise only known from high-quality concert grand pianos. The reason behind this is the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid series were created in close cooperation with the renowned Berlin piano manufacturer C. Bechstein. The small brass plate with the engraving "Developed in collaboration with C. Bechstein" mean that 40 years of electronic pianos and keyboard experience joins over 160 years of experience in piano making. The result are premium instruments of the highest standards, which are loved by star pianists globally.

What does a hybrid piano from CASIO offer?

Hybrid pianos combine the authenticity of a classic grand piano with the innovative technologies of a modern digital piano. CASIO hybrid digital pianos have a real hammer action, which paired together with the wooden keys gives the pianist the feeling of playing on an acoustic grand piano.

CASIO hybrid pianos convince both players and listeners with their acoustic excellence and offer a rousing sound experience of the highest class. A dedicated loudspeaker system developed by CASIO called Grand Acoustic System simulates the radiation characteristics of the top and bottom of the soundboard and mimics the acoustic behavior of a concert grand piano. A variable piano cover is included.

Innovative technologies provide impressive sound

In combination with outstanding digital features, the premium hybrid pianos of the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid series offer an incomparable sound experience. Among other things, the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid has the AiR Grand Sound Source sound generation based on the latest sound technologies from CASIO, including multi-dimensional morphing technology and an acoustic simulator. There are also outstanding digital effects. So it is possible to add a variety of sound corrections and effects with the simple touch of a button.

Want to play with an orchestra? Then use the Concert Play function, which gives the pianist 15 high-quality live recordings of an orchestra to play along with. An extensive music library, of various sounds and presets, and the ability to connect the instrument via a MIDI interface with a PC or digital recording devices, round off the range of CASIO hybrid digital pianos.

With a CASIO Hybrid Digital Piano, you will acquire an instrument that will convince you in every way. Use our dealer search on CASIO Music and find the local CASIO dealer in your area. Immerse yourself in the impressive world of digital pianos and be impressed by the versatility of CASIO Hybrid Pianos.


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