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Music Community

It's time to lift the curtain on some incredible talents: Learn more about talented pianists and ace keyboard players who celebrate regular successes with CASIO instruments in our artist and musician portraits.

About CASIO Music

What were the first CASIO musical instruments? Who develops the sophisticated technologies? You can find more information and details about CASIO Music here.


Just how do CASIO digital pianos and keyboards make modern piano performance and playing your own music so much fun? Our specials offer insights into our technologies and innovative features.


Grand Hybrid Stories recount special events and unique moments that musicians and artists have experienced using the CASIO CELVIANO Grand Hybrid in their careers.

CASIO Music Life – bringing music to life

Bringing the joy of music to life with modern keyboard instruments is the great motivation of CASIO Music. For more than 40 years, CASIO Music's product developers and sound experts have been working to constantly improve and refine the CASIO keyboard instrument range. Only with a differentiated range of high-quality digital pianos and keyboards can the different demands of beginners, advanced players and experienced artists be met – and thus the fun and enthusiasm for music be sustainably awakened.

CASIO Music – a talented community

Year after year, CASIO Music promotes up-and-coming talent in the international cultural scene out of conviction. This commitment benefits numerous young artists – in the form of sponsorship through musical instruments from the CASIO Music product range, through privileges as CASIO brand ambassadors or through media support. CASIO Music is proud of the artistic diversity of its community. From seasoned cabaret artists to super-young, successful German pop musicians, accomplished keyboard artists to piano virtuosos that fill concert halls, you'll find everything that makes the world of music so fascinating.

Get to know musical discoveries such as LENNA, a German power pop band from the Bremen area, or the pianist Pierre-Yves Plat who defies a fixed genre classification in a virtuoso and entertaining way. In the features of the CASIO Music Community you will also learn about the French musicologist and exceptional pianist Wilhelm Latchoumia and the Hungarian Enrico Noel Czmorek who exhibited astounding skills as a highly gifted 4-year-old.

The CASIO Music Community also includes Brittani Washington, a brilliant keyboardist and singer from the USA, as well as Kristian Terzic, a multi-award-winning piano and keyboard player from Croatia, who is also active in the field of composition and arrangements. Others include Kateryna Titova, a classical, multi-award-winning pianist who was born in Ukraine and is now based in Germany, Irene Veniziano, another highly decorated pianist and sought-after musical advisor, and the German cabaret artist Kay Ray who skilfully accompanies his programme on his CASIO PRIVIA digital piano.

Stories from the CASIO Music world

CASIO Music is also involved in the international music scene, and sends its premium model, the GP-510 from the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid line, to perform on concert stages in Germany, Italy or Poland. The stories behind these events are almost always based on the idea of effectively supporting musicians who are just starting their careers. Or on the idea of an exciting competition in which artists and even instruments can compete with one another and prove their skills.

During a concert evening in 2017, for example, in the chamber music hall of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the audience was able to experience live, during a Mozart piano concerto, the change from a C. Bechstein grand piano to the CASIO hybrid digital piano GP-500. Was there a difference in sound? Take a look directly at the video recording in CASIO Music Stories and hear for yourself how Haruka Kuroiwa accompanied tenor Vincent Wolfsteiner and mezzo-soprano Gundula Hintz on the two instruments.

In Italy, the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid GP-500 from CASIO stepped into the role of sponsor. Following a nationwide appeal to pianists to submit their own piece, the jury of the Grand Hybrid Experience selected three winners. The prize for the most talented entries was a live performance captured professionally on video. Best of all, the performance was accompanied by a chamber orchestra.

Competition was also the inspiration behind the Grand Design Contest in Poland where participants were called upon to contribute not so much acoustically but rather in terms of craftsmanship: those who were confident in the areas of product design, architecture and art were able to participate by designing a piano stool.

About CASIO Music

CASIO Music is one of the leading international manufacturers in the market for digital musical instruments with keys. Whether in the concert hall or in the studio, in leisure time or as a professional musician, as a soloist or in a professional band – many enthusiastic digital piano and keyboard players today benefit from the idea of one particular man, Toshio Kashio. He was one of the four Kashio brothers who founded the CASIO company in Tokyo, Japan in the mid-1940s.

Toshio Kashio's passion for music led to a special desire, namely to offer electronic musical instruments which music enthusiasts could afford even on a limited budget. This has resulted in exciting challenges for the manufacturing CASIO music trades over the past four decades: to create the same natural sound with a non-acoustic instrument, to enable the same mechanical playing pleasure, and to optimally complement these qualities with the countless technological features that only a digital musical instrument can offer.

At CASIO Music, designers and sound technicians, sound engineers, audio designers and software developers work in product development. But they are not only experts in the field of music technology. Each of them has mastered the almost magical art of transforming acoustic ideas into breathtakingly beautiful sound. This is because most of them have made their passion for music their profession, and so musicality and a good ear are always a natural part of their tools of the trade.

Many now legendary keyboard instruments can be traced back to the meticulous and detail-obsessed work of these smart experts in the fields of design, sound and keyboards. These include the first portable electronic keyboard, the CASIOTONE CT-201 from 1980, or the CASIO CTK-520L, the first keyboard with standard-sized illuminated keys, from 1996. With CASIO Music, Toshio Kasio's dream became a reality and lives on today in the CASIO range of high-quality hybrid digital pianos, digital pianos and keyboards.

By the way: CASIO Music is committed to rigorous environmental and resource standards in the development and manufacture of its wide range of digital pianos and keyboards. These standards apply to the procurement of materials such as high-quality woods or metals, to the processes in production and to recycling.


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