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Music to my ears — since 1946

Our history and what moves us: Learn here why we have been making musical instruments for over 30 years. Our leaders and the developers behind our instruments provide insight into their day-to-day life at CASIO and recount their experiences.

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Once upon a time, there were four brothers who had talent, ideas, courage and a vision. What sounds like the beginning of a fairy-tale was the venture of brothers Kazua, Tadao, Toshio and Yukio Kashio that started in 1946 — just one year after World War II had ended.

Their shared idea was to develop and produce electronic and digital technology — and to make a success of it. But one vision came from the enthusiastic amateur musician Toshio, whose biggest dream was to create electronic musical instruments that were also affordable for amateur musicians.

Following on from their initial success with the first electric relay-based desk calculator in 1957, their next innovation was the first inkjet printer.

The first pocket calculator was ready to be launched on the market in the early 1970s. In the mid-1970s, the CASIOTRON stormed the watch market and is still as popular today. After this success, Toshio decided that the time had come to finally make his original vision come true as he knew that the company had amassed the relevant expertise and the technology was now sufficiently advanced.

By early 1978, the Kashio brothers, under the leadership of Toshio, began to revolutionise the electronic musical equipment market. Their goal: To implement new ideas, build smaller instruments and use innovative technologies to achieve value for money that allowed musicians to experience creative freedom and music on a modest budget and within their own four walls.

Our developers and what inspires them

  • Design
  • Sound
  • Keyboard
  • Development
  • Midi & Pro

In today's world, musical instruments such as digital pianos need to sound great and look great. After all, instruments are generally destined to be used in our homes, our living rooms – places where we want to feel comfortable all the time.

As designers of these musical instruments, we are faced with the challenge of creating a perfect combination of the classic style of a piano with modern digital music technologies.

Our PRIVIA series of musical instruments achieve this particularly well. This is a hugely popular product family from the compact digital piano range launched by CASIO. We have created a sleek and modern design to the body that incorporates modern concepts of interior design and yet still reflects the roots of the classic ideal.

Mr Kuramochi
Works at the CASIO Design Center in Tokyo

Sounds like CASIO:
Setting strict environmental standards

Innovation goes beyond technology. It includes responsibility. CASIO products enrich life. And music.
CASIO, as a company with worldwide business activities, has committed itself to maintaining the good name of its brand by adhering to up-to-date environmental and resource standards. The short-term and long-term objectives are to reduce our total greenhouse gas emissions:

  • By 2021, by 30%.
  • And by 2051, by 80%.

Furthermore, CASIO has set strict standards that are more stringent than legal requirements. These standards apply to:

  • Material procurement
  • Production processes
  • Recycling processes