Hammer Action

Digital pianos with hammer action: feels just like a grand piano

CASIO digital pianos and e-pianos are among the most popular keyboard instruments for beginners and professionals alike. The reason for this popularity lies not only in their noble workmanship, the wealth of sounds and effects, and the variety of technical innovations that CASIO instruments are equipped with. It is the liveliness of the sound and the natural feel that digital pianos and CASIO digital pianos convey and this applies particularly to digital pianos with hammer action.

The e-pianos with hammer action feature a special, weighted keyboard with 88 keys which are designed to give the player the most authentic feel possible. The hammer action gives the digital piano player the feeling of a real or grand piano.

How does hammer action work on the digital piano?

The mechanics of a classical piano or grand piano are based on a proven concept. When pressing one of the 88 piano keys, a small hammer is hit against its assigned string. By applying different strengths, this will generate louder or quieter sounds and tones. This allows for a lively and dynamic design of music, due to the time delay between keystroke and the sound of the string as well as the different size and mass of the individual hammer heads. This feeling can be replicated on digital pianos and other electronic keyboard instruments such as keyboards using hammer mechanics technology.

The scaled hammer action keyboard with 88 touch-sensitive keys of the keyboard is modeled on that of of a grand piano. The special "hammer-response" technique developed by CASIO, reproduces in detail the complex mechanical characteristics of an acoustic instrument and gives the player a realistic and authentic experience.

Scaled hammer mechanics - not just for premium digital pianos

Keyboards with hammer mechanics aren’t just for premium pianos. At CASIO, even many affordable entry-level keyboards and digital pianos are equipped with hammer-operated keyboards.

In the field of digital pianos, scaled hammer-operated keyboards with touch-sensitive keys are standard features at CASIO. Compact digital pianos for beginners and ambitious hobbyists, CASIO PRIVIA digital pianos for Stage and Studio as well as many models of the CASIO CELVIANO series have keyboards with this technology. Some models of the CASIO PRIVIA and CELVIANO digital pianos are already equipped with hammer action. When developing CASIO hammer action, weighted hammers are used. The hammers of these instruments have a specific weight, depending on the octave position. This decreases from the lower to the higher tones, giving a more realistic feel.

Grand Hybrid digital pianos with Natural Grand Hammer action mechanics

Developed in cooperation with renowned piano manufacturer C. Bechstein, CELVIANO Grand Hybrid digital pianos bring CASIO hammer mechanics to the premier class. The keyboard mechanism of these high quality instruments is an innovation of CASIO. Together with the Grand Pedal System, which continuously records pedal positions to allow precise metering of the damper pedal and allow for good control over the duration and volume of the sounds, it gives a feel like on the best concert grand pianos in the world. This means that CELVIANO hammer-operated digital pianos, like the Grand Hybrid, will satisfy even the most discerning of music lovers.

Would you like to know more about CASIO digital pianos with hammer action? Take a look at CASIO Music where you’ll find the integrated dealer locator shows you the way to your CASIO dealer, where you can play and try out the latest in the CASIO instrument range.


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