76-key keyboards

76-key keyboards: Sound machines for creative musicians

CASIO presents a selection of technically advanced 76-key keyboards, for musicians wanting high quality instruments. Although 76-key keyboards are not as common as the 61-key instruments, they are very popular with keyboardists. CASIO keyboards with 76 velocity-sensitive keys are real sound machines for creative musicians with discerning taste.

Keyboards with 76 keys and touch dynamics are certainly suitable for beginners, but their full strength is truly realized in the hands of advanced musicians. For professional keyboardists, solo artists, and creatives such as composers and arrangers, 76-key keyboards are completely versatile. CASIO's 76-key keyboards are lightweight, robust, and full of power. Available with both battery and power adapter, and fully-equipped with a huge selection of sounds, rhythms and creative possibilities, these CASIO sound machines are perfect for mobile use at home, in the studio or on stage.

Keyboards with 76 keys - 6 octaves of sound and power

76-key CASIO keyboards are more than just a compromise between the compact 61-key keyboards and a larger 88-key keyboard or digital piano. Their unique combination has all the features of a portable compact keyboard. 45 white and 31 black keys in noble piano-optics span 6 octaves. Thanks to the touch response, the keyboardist gets a similar piano feel.

Standard 76-key keyboards are the ideal instrument for beginners who want to learn more than just the basics of piano playing, but are also for the ambitiously minded musicians who aspire to play professionally. Like all instruments in this class, they offer a variety of impressive features.

Beginners will find over 100 rhythms, an integrated music information system with a LCD display and the three-level learning system, supplemented by pre-installed songs - the perfect tool to quickly achieve immediate success. USB interface, MIDI controller as well as various music editing and recording functions sum up the range of 76-key keyboard features.

76-key keyboard: the all-rounder for sound professionals

Creative sound professionals will love the CASIO 76-key keyboards - sound machines that meet their needs. Whilst a 61-key keyboard is practical and easy-to-transport, the 76-key keyboard is the ideal companion for professionals for an effortless performance in rehearsal, live and in the studio. The piano-oriented 76-key keyboard offers absolutely everything you could wish for as a professional artist! Depending on the model, several hundred rhythms and timbres are available. An integrated tone and rhythm editor or the Pitch Bend wheel for spontaneous and creative pitch modulation can be creatively programmed. Like all CASIO keyboards, CASIO's 76-key keyboards are packed with features. Sophisticated effects include a Pattern Sequencer, Song Sequencer, DSP Effects, Arpeggiator and 32 Registration Memory that are easy to use. They’re also complemented by inspiring extras, such as an internal 32-channel mixer for mixing volume, panorama, effects and more parameters. This makes CASIO's high-grade 76-key keyboards the ultimate instrument for making and producing music.

At CASIO music, check out the full range of 76-key CASIO keyboards. Use our integrated CASIO dealer search to locate the closest store to you. Meet our friendly staff and try out the full CASIO range.


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