The digital piano reimagined - CASIO presents an innovative digital piano concept


Norderstedt, September 8th 2022

Under the slogan "In Harmony with Life", CASIO presents its new digital piano concept in the form of the Hero Model Privia PX-S7000 in 360° design. Highly innovative and pragmatic, the PX-S7000 presents itself as a contemporary alternative to the traditional digital piano, which integrates perfectly into the interior design of the modern home both visually and functionally.


"Style, Reimagined" - The PX-S7000 design convinces with clear lines. The stand in particular appears light and filigree compared to the classic console look. The high-gloss, polished surface*, similar to the surface of current smart devices, the transparent acrylic music stand and, last but not least, the overall material mix, which also contains textile elements, underline this lightness and modernity and reflect a contemporary, high-quality interior. Harmonious in every respect and simply beautiful from every angle. Speaking of "harmonious": the flagship PX-S7000 is available not only in black and white but also in the deep yellow "Harmonious Mustard" and thus sets a new, sophisticated color accent.



In addition to the high-quality sound generation and the newly developed "Smart Hybrid Hammer Action" keyboard made of wood and resin, the PX-S7000 has a new type of sound system with four independently amplified broadband speakers that can be adjusted to different positions in the room. In this way, the piano can not only be placed on the wall but anywhere in the room

* Only the Harmonious Mustard model has a polished finish



With over 400 high-quality tones, the PX-S7000 is an absolute specialist when it comes to the variety of sounds. When selecting the sounds, special attention was paid to the piano sounds. A large number of different piano, grand piano and e-piano sounds can be found in the instrument. A special feature here are the so-called "Best-Hit" pianos, which are unmistakably reminiscent of the piano sounds of world-famous POP and ROCK hits from different decades and genres. The selection is completed with a variety of organ, strings and synthesizer sounds and many more sounds. As the icing on the cake, a microphone can also be connected directly to the instrument and played back via the integrated loudspeakers, and the vocals can be provided with various effects.

The numerous sound and effect setting options can not only be controlled and saved directly on the instrument, but also intuitively operated via the CASIO MUSIC SPACE app, which is available free of charge. It  all works Wirelessly via Bluetooth®, of course, with the Wireless MIDI and Audio Adapter, which, in addition to app and MIDI connectivity, also allows audio streaming from smartphones or tablets via the integrated speakers of the PX-S7000.





Transparent music stand


Keyboard covermade of feltwith bracket


Wireless Bluetooth® Audioand Midi


In addition to the PX-S7000, there will be two other new models with separately available stand and pedal units - the PX-S6000, in gloss black and wood grain, which features the same innovative sound system and expressive keyboard of the PX-S7000, and the PX- S5000, featuring the new keyboard of the PX-S7000 and PX-S6000 models and the same slim body of the Privia model PX-S1100 with a compact depth of 232mm,



ModelStand and PedalNumber of Built-in Tones
PX-S7000HMIncluded in delivery400
PX-S6000Available separately350











Main Specifications of PX-S7000/S6000/S5000

Model NamePX-S7000PX-S6000PX-S5000
KeyboardNumber of Keys88
Key ActionSmart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard
Key MaterialHybrid of wood and resin
Touch Response5 sensitivity levels, off
88-Key Digital ScalingYes
Hammer Response                  Yes (10 levels, off)           Yes (4 levels, off)
Key Off ResponseYes (3 levels)
TonesPolyphony (maximum)256192
Number of Built-in Tones40035023
 Grand Piano Tones9 (Privia Grand HG/NY/BN)3
Best-Hit Pianos11-
Various Pianos1912-
Classic E. Pianos 13017-
Classic E. Pianos 22013-
Other Tones, GMGM 128, Drum 8, Others 175GM 128, Drum 8, Others 169Other Piano 7, E. Piano 4, Bass (lower range only) 1, Others 8
Tone Modification- (But possible using CASIO MUSIC SPACE app)Yes-
Sound SourceMulti Dimensional Morphing AiR
Layer Yes
SplitYesYes (Bass sound only for lower range, with fixed split point)



String ResonanceYes (10 levels, off)Yes (4 levels, off)
Damper ResonanceYes (10 levels, off)Yes (4 levels, off)
Open String ResonanceYes (10 levels, off)-
Aliquot ResonanceYes (10 levels, off)-
Key Action NoiseYes (10 levels, off)Yes (4 levels, off)
Damper NoiseYes (10 levels, off)Yes (4 levels, off)



Sound ModeHall Simulator / ReverbHall Simulator 8, Reverb 8Hall Simulator 4, Reverb 8
Piano Position4 (Standard, Wall, Center, Table)-
DSPYes (Preset for some tones)Yes (Built-in for some tones + 100 presets, editable)Yes (Preset for some tones)
Microphone EffectYes (25 types)-
Headphone ModeYes
AccompanimentArpeggiatorYes (50 types)-



Connection to AppCASIO MUSIC SPACE
 Piano Remote ControllerYes
Bluetooth® feature

Included: Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor


Bluetooth® Version 5.0

 AudioProfile: A2DP; Codec: SBC
MIDIProfile: GATT (MIDI over Bluetooth® Low Energy)
MIDI Recorder / Playback2 tracks (1 system track + 1 track), 5 song2 tracks (1 system track + 1 track), 1 song
Audio Record-er / Play-backUSB Flash DriveYes
Internal Flash MemoryYes-
MetronomeOff, 1 to 9 beats, tempo range: 20 to 255
 Tempo Marking SettingYes
Guide TypeMetronome / Drum (20 patterns)Metronome

Fixed 3-pedal unit (included)

damper (continuously variable), soft (2 levels), sostenuto)

Included: SP-3

Optional 3-pedal unit: SP-34

damper (continuously variable), soft, sostenuto

 Continuously Variable Pedal (damper pedal)YesYes (Optional 3-pedal unit (SP-34))
Scale Tuning (Temperament)Equal temperament + 16 variations


(Left of keyboard)

Pitch Bend WheelYes (illuminated)Yes-
Control Button1 (illuminated)1-
EX Button2 (illuminated)-

・Touch buttons: 12 (Tone Category Buttons: 3)

・Touch Ring

・Registration: 96 setups (4 areas x 24 banks)

・Auto Power Off

・Touch buttons: 6

・Auto Power Off

DisplayFull-dot LCD with backlight-
MIDIYes (Using USB port B)




HeadphonesPHONES: 2 (Stereo standard phone jack   (TRS phone), Stereo mini phone jack (Mini TRS phone)) PHONES: 2 (Stereo mini phone jack (Mini TRS phone)
Pedal1  (Expression/Assignable)1 (Damper)
Connector for 3-pedal UnitYes (Included fixed 3-pedal unit / SP-34 compatible)Yes (SP-34)
LINE OUT2 L/MONO, R (Standard phone jack (TS phone))
MIC INYes (Standard phone jack (TS phone))-
USB Type A Yes  (Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor compatible)
USB Type B Yes
AcousticsSpatial Sound SystemYes-
Amp output

8W x 2 + 8W x 2

(when using batteries) 3W x 2 + 3W x 2

8W + 8W



[16cm x 8cm (oval)] x  2 + [16cm x 8cm (oval)] x  2[16cm x 8cm (oval)] x  2
Power SupplyAC AdaptorAD-E24250LWAD-A12150LW
Battery DriveAA-size alkaline x 8AA-size alkaline x 6
 Continuous Battery LifeApproximately 4 hours



Dimen-sions w/o accessories1,340 x 242 x 102 mm1,322 x 232 x 102 mm


optional or fixed stand,

w/o music rest

1,340 x 449 x 741 mm (w/fixed pedal unit)1,340 x 449 x 741 mm1,324 x 366 x 740 mm
Weightw/o accessories, batteries14.8 kg11.5 kg

w/ optional or fixed stand,

w/music rest, w/o batteries

29.1 kg (w/fixed pedal unit)23.1 kg23.2 kg
Compatible Optional StandStand includedCS-90PCS-68P
Body ColorHarmonious Mustard, Black, WhiteBlack
Piano CoverYes (foldable felt key cover included /light gray for Harmonious Mustard/White, dark gray for Black)-
Included Accessories

Wireless MIDI &      Audio Adaptor (WU-BT10), stand, fixed 3-pedal unit, key cover, music stand, 

AC adaptor (AD-E24250LW)

Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor (WU-BT10), pedal (SP-3), music stand, 

AC adaptor (AD-E24250LW)

Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor (WU-BT10), pedal (SP-3), music stand, 

AC adaptor (AD-A12150LW)

Compatible Soft CaseSC-900PSC-800P, SC-900P

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