Midi Keyboards

CASIO MIDI keyboards and pianos for your creative projects

CASIO keyboards and digital pianos are not only popular because of their extensive equipment, they also have excellent sound quality and an abundance of sounds and rhythms. Beginners and professionals alike appreciate their versatility. Newcomers are enthusiastic about the intuitive usability and the various exercises that motivate them to practice and play. Professional musicians, performance artists and composers find the MIDI keyboards to be robust on stage and in the studio, with a vast amount of fun features that lets creativity run free. Compatibility with hardware, software and existing equipment plays an important role in the purchase decision.

Developers of CASIO take this requirement into account in every respect and equip their keyboards and pianos with sophisticated technical finesse as well as numerous connection options such as MIDI interfaces. Using the input and output jack for classic 5-pin MIDI connectors, MIDI-enabled devices and instruments can be interconnected. Therefore, the scope of the creative possibilities of CASIO keyboards and pianos are truly endless, which is why these instruments are particularly in demand by professionals.

What is a MIDI keyboard or MIDI PIANO?

CASIO MIDI pianos and MIDI keyboards feature a classic 5-pin MIDI interface to which connects various sound generators and electronic instruments. MIDI stands for Musical Instruments Digital Interface. It is a data transfer protocol that serves to convey musical control information between electronic instruments. This allows musicians, composers and arrangers to work on sounds and supplement their creative ideas. Most of the technology behind CASIO Midi keyboards is based on the General MIDI Level 1 standard. This is an extension of MIDI specifications standardized by the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA). General MIDI allows you to assign specific instruments to individual MIDI channels. The MIDI transmission also transmits control commands for volume, dynamics and sound. This allows MIDI arrangements to be played back on other MIDI devices, regardless of the tone generator, without changing their sound.

CASIO MIDI Keyboards & MIDI Pianos: Creativity without limits

Whether you're hooking up your instrument with a MIDI synthesizer for creative sound generation, or connecting your MIDI keyboard to the PC or MAC to work on your tunes, CASIO keyboards and pianos with a MIDI interface offer an unrivaled range of use. Polyphonic polyphony, hundreds of timbres, and accompanying rhythms are complemented by absolute premium features on selected MIDI keyboard and piano models. Model functions can be integrated, and then partially connected by pressing a button or key combination. This includes up to 100 impressive DSP effects, reverb, chorus or pitch-bend wheel for pitch modulation, e.g. realistic rendering of wind instruments or strings. Creative musicians will find a huge range of possibilities with CASIO MIDI keyboards and MIDI digital pianos. From pattern sequencers for creating any accompaniment rhythm patterns or mixers to mix individual voices complete CASIO MIDI instrument functionality.

As CASIO Music you can get an impression and get informed about the latest individual models in the MIDI keyboard category. Use the integrated CASIO dealer locator to guide you to the nearest CASIO dealer, where you can get personal advice on MIDI pianos and and play the latest CASIO MIDI keyboard range.