A full Success - Hybrid Piano versus Concert Grand
Successful Premiere with Innovative Concert at Berlin Philharmonie

  • Innovative concert premiere with Hybrid Piano from CASIO fascinated audience and music press
  • Pianist Haruka Kuroiwa and the orchestra Neue Preussische Philharmonie celebrate successful experiment together with artists and audience
  • Photos and further information available at:

Norderstedt/Berlin, March 2017. The evening of March 2nd 2017 saw a world first and true experiment at the Chamber Music Hall of the world-famous Berlin Philharmonie. The hybrid technology was not the only innovation during this concert premiere but also the concept of this concert. For the first time, a classical symphony concert was conducted with an innovative hybrid piano, the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid from CASIO. Right in the middle of the first part of the concert with the New Prussian Orchestra and pianist Haruka Kuroiwa, CASIO´s hybrid piano played in direct comparison to a traditional concert grand piano. First, the third part of Mozart´s piano concert Number 23 was played on a C. Bechstein grand, until conductor Thomas Hennig interrupted the concert. "Now we have a world´s first showing", said Hennig and traded places with pianist Haruka Kuroiwa. Hennig at the grand piano and Kuroiwa on the hybrid piano played Mozart´s third set of his Piano Concert Number 23, playing each other´s parts as a musical dialogue between the traditional and modern piano. A thrilling experiment not only for the spectators but also for the musicians, which was rewarded with big applause.

"It was an amazing experience and an experiment that turned out great. We are very happy!" says conductor Thomas Hennig. Martin Moritz, Marketing Manager of CASIO Europe, agrees: "I believe we surprised many visitors today in a positive way. The premiere has been a great success. We passed the test!".

CASIO developed the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid Digital Piano in cooperation with C. Bechstein in order to combine the best of both worlds: the sound and feel of a grand piano combined with innovative digital technology. Conductor Thomas Hennig sees many opportunities and practical benefits of this modern technology for every musician and adds: "Not everyone has the money or space for a traditional concert grand piano".

Pianist Haruka Kuroiwa himself had the idea for this innovative concert. The premiere was an exciting experience to Kuroiwa as well: "To me, it was great and a very special experience to perform a masterpiece of Mozart in such a prestigious concert hall and with such a modern approach. I sincerely appreciate what CASIO does and I am very grateful for this opportunity."

During the first part of the concert, Mozart´s Piano Concert Number 23, the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid by CASIO became center stage and was able to shine and demonstrate its potential. During the second part of the concert, the hybrid piano harmoniously blended into the orchestra while performing Mahler's "Lied von der Erde". Conductor Hennig claims: "It was not a competition but a prolific coexistence". Gregor Willmes, cultural manager of the C. Bechstein piano manufacture, agrees: "It was a pleasure to witness this event. And one could clearly hear that the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid has a beautiful Bechstein sound. Truly a great concert!" For the spectators as well as for the participants, the premiere was a success and fun experience.

Before the concert, all guests had the opportunity to touch and try the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid from CASIO themselves and to take a look at the inner life of the instrument. Italian pianist Irene Veneziano provided short but soulful musical introductions for the visitors beforehand. Photos of the event are available under the following link:

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About CASIO:
CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of consumer electronics products and business equipment solutions. Since its establishment in 1957, Casio has strived to realize its corporate creed of "creativity and contribution" through the introduction of innovative and imaginative products. News and product information from Casio is available at
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CASIO Music starts 2017 with a new online presence

  • Grand website relaunch in January
  • Responsive interface, modern design, extensive services and stories about the world of CASIO Music
  • Discover CASIO at:

Norderstedt, January 2017. CASIO starts the new year with a big relaunch of its online presence, including numerous new features, services and information about the world of CASIO music instruments. Key elements of the relaunch such as modernized design, an optimized navigation and responsive user interface ensure that musicians "on the road" can experience all features of the website on their specific mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).

To display all facets of CASIO music, the website offers information on the latest technical news, for instance the MZ-X series or the innovative CELVIANO Grand Hybrid Digital Pianos, as well as a wide range of sound examples, videos and education projects for young musicians and talents.

"A crucial point for the relaunch of our website was to improve its usability" explains Martin Moritz, Marketing Manager for digital music instruments at CASIO. "We focused on the core elements of the website, including a modern layout and convincing content. Users can find information very easily and can switch from product information to the dealers list with only a few clicks, which will hopefully make them enjoy the website even better than before."

Besides the German version, the website is also accessible in English, French and Italian. Further European languages are in the planning until the end of this year.

Useful information can be found here:

Youtube Channel:

Press Contact:
Kruger Media GmbH | Brand Communication | Torstraße 171 | 10115 Berlin
Vanessa Mertens | |

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of consumer electronics products. Since its establishment in 1957, Casio has strived to realize its corporate creed of "creativity and contribution" through the introduction of innovative and imaginative products. Today, Casio's offerings include timepieces, digital cameras, electronic dictionaries, calculators, musical instruments, system equipment, and others.
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Casio to Expand Lineup of CELVIANO Grand Hybrid Digital Pianos
Clad in a Natural White Wood Finish; Featuring a New Elegant Design, Wooden Keys, and Three Historic Grand Piano Sounds

Tokyo, September 28, 2016 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today that it will release the GP-300WE, a new elegantly designed digital piano model with a natural white wood finish, in its CELVIANO Grand Hybrid lineup. CELVIANO Grand Hybrid pianos combine the advantages of both digital and acoustic pianos while delivering the performance of a grand piano in tone, keyboard quality and playing comfort.

Casio previously released three pianos in this lineup since 2015 to 2016—the GP-500BP, GP-400 and GP-300BK. All were equipped with the Casio AiR* Grand Sound Source, which reproduces the same beautiful sound and rich reverberation as a grand piano, and keys made from spruce, a wood used in grand piano keyboards. These models also featured piano tones jointly developed with the piano maker C. Bechstein. The natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard has an action mechanism that faithfully simulates piano hammer movements, which have a significant impact on the playing response of a grand piano. These innovative hybrid pianos moved beyond the realm of the conventional digital piano, and gained a strong reputation among people who appreciate the nuanced sound and feel of a grand piano.
*Acoustic & Intelligent Resonator

The new GP-300WE comes with the three historically popular grand piano sounds featured in the GP-500BP, GP-400 and GP-300BK, as well as the same reliable key response and supple playing comfort. New with the GP-300WE is the design, which features a natural white wood finish for both the body and stand, producing a bright yet elegant ambiance that is quite different from that of the black wood finish of the GP-300BK. The use of a sophisticated natural white wood finish expresses the character of the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid, which is designed to faithfully represent the tone, keyboard and playing comfort of a grand piano. The GP-300WE will be available in stores as of November 2016.




Natural white wood finish

Main Features of the GP-300WE

Thoroughly refined sound and reverberation reminiscent of a grand piano
  • The AiR Grand Sound Source reproduces the same beautiful sound and rich reverberation as a grand piano.
    Multi-dimensional Morphing smoothly transforms sound waves, and realizes tonal changes based on both time passage and intensity. Even during a gradual crescendo from pianissimo to fortissimo, the technology allows even and natural tonal changes.

    Moreover, the String Resonance System, designed to deliver the string resonance of a grand piano, controls the amount and combination of resonance according to the playing situation. By producing reverberation that fits each of the 88 keys, the technology enables natural and comfortable performance.

    By combining these two technologies, the new model offers the sounds of three grand piano styles. The Berlin Grand is known for its elegant clear sound and reverberation that gives each performance rich melodic color, while the Hamburg Grand delivers gorgeous power and strength with a lot of string resonance. The Vienna Grand provides calm bass with a solid feeling along with soft and beautiful sound.

  • Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard enables even more delicate expression
    The GP-300WE features keys made from high-quality spruce, which is also used in grand piano keyboards. The keys are also finished in the same way as on a grand piano. Since this makes them more familiar to the pianist, fingers are less likely to slip or fatigue. The new model also boasts a unique action mechanism that delivers the right hammer movement, which has a big impact on the playing response of a grand piano. The mechanism conveys delicate finger nuances more accurately, and enables dynamic touch to translate directly into expressive power.

  • Grand Acoustic System generates a space of three-dimensional sound
    Casio has developed a Grand Acoustic System that faithfully represents the sound of a grand piano as it emanates from above and below the soundboard. Through careful positioning of six speakers and the creation of sound pathways, the system delivers three-dimensional sound with tonal elongation, expansion and depth.

Special playing experiences made possible by a digital piano
  • Concert Play offers an experience like playing with an orchestra
    The spectacular sound of a live orchestra is recorded in a high-quality digital format. By playing the piano together with the recorded orchestra, users can enjoy the feeling as if they are performing with an orchestra. The technology can also be used in practice, as it allows the tempo to be slowed, and also features rewind, fast forward, and repeat playback of A-B sections.

  • Hall Simulator provides the experience of performing in a special venue such as a concert hall
    The Hall Simulator allows the pianist to enjoy the immersive sound found in different types of venues such as an Amsterdam church, or a classical concert hall in Berlin. Also, the GP-300WE enables users to switch between the Player's Position, which provides a sense of playing a real grand piano, and three types of Listener's Positions, which gives the pianist the effect of listening to the performance from the audience.



Number of Sensors


Hammer Action

Natural Grand Hammer Action

Touch Sensitivity

5 sensitivity levels, off

Sound Source


AiR (Acoustic & intelligent Resonator) Grand Sound Source

Max. Polyphony



Number of Built-in Tones


Number of Direct Tone Select buttons


Duet Mode/Layer/Split/Octave Shift



Hammer Response

Yes(Off, 10 levels)

Damper Resonance

Yes (Off, 10 levels)

String Resonance

Yes (Off, 10 levels)

Lid Simulator

Yes (4 levels)

Key Off Simulator


Damper Noise

Yes (Off, 10 levels)


Hall Simulator

Off, 12 types x 4 positions


Off, 4 types




Yes (Preset for some tones)

Key Transpose

2 octaves (-12 semitones ~ 0 ~ +12 semitones)

Tuning Control

A4=415.5Hz ~ 440.0Hz ~ 465.9Hz

Scale Function

Equal temperaments plus 16 other types

Music Library

Number of Preset Songs


User Songs


Capacity for User Songs

Approx. 900KB (Up to approx. 90KB/song)

Concert Play

15 Songs

Demo Songs

6 (Tone Demo)



Tempo Setting


MIDI Recorder

Yes (Real Time Rec, 5000 notes)

Audio Recording/Playback

Max. 99 songs, approximately 25 min./song
(to USB flash drive, 44.1 kHz Stereo WAV format)

Operation Lock




3 built-in pedals (damper, soft, sostenuto)

Half-Damper Pedal Operation

Yes (Continuous)

Half Pedal Position



Full-dot LCD with backlight


USB Port (to Host)


USB Flash Drive Port





2 (Stereo standard jack)


2 (L / mono, R), standard jack


2 (L / mono, R) , standard jack

Top Board Open/Close


Grand Acoustic System


Headphone Mode


Volume Sync EQ



16cm × 2 + (10cm + 5cm) × 2
3-Way, 6 Speakers


30W × 2 + 20W × 2

Power Supply

AC adapter: AD-E24500LW

Auto Power Off


Included Accessories

Score Stand / Score Book /
AC adapter (AD-E24500LW) Headphone Hook

Size (without score stand)




CELVIANO is a registered trademarks or trademarks of CASIOCOMPUTER CO., LTD. in JAPAN and other countries.
Other company and product names are generally registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies.
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CASIO grants five year warranties on Celviano Grand Hybrid digital pianos as of now

Norderstedt, July 1st 2016 — Casio Europe grants a free extension on warranties for the Celviano Grand Hybrid models GP-500, GP-400, GP-300 and the Celviano AP-700 from two to five years with immediate effect. This service applies to the entire European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.

„We developed the Celviano Grand Hybrid series with the new hybrid grand piano action under the particular aspect of it being maintenance free. By extending the warranties, we want to highlight the high quality standards”, explains Martin Moritz, Marketing Manager of CASIO Europe GmbH.

Buyers, who purchased their instrument before the 1st of July 2016, also profit from the new extended warranty. In case that an owner wants to make use of this warranty, a simple stop at the dealer is enough to handle all other steps. In addition, it is possible to register the purchased music instrument at Further Information regarding Casio music instruments and where to find specialist Casio dealers near you, can be found at or

Kruger Media GmbH | Brand Communication | Torstraße 171 | 10115 Berlin
Vanessa Mertens | | +49 (0)30 3064548-30

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics products and business equipment solutions. Since its establishment in 1957, Casio has strived to realize its corporate creed of “creativity and contribution” through the introduction of innovative and imaginative products. News and product information from Casio is available at or
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