Casio to Collaborate with World-Renowned Brazilian Visual Artist Romero Britto on Casiotone Digital Keyboard


Tokyo, June 3, 2022 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today that it will release a Casiotone digital keyboard developed in collaboration with world-renowned visual artist Romero Britto.


Romero Britto is a leading artist on today’s pop art scene. He has created a vivid, iconic, and unique style that fuses Cubism and Pop. Britto has been described as a modern-day Picasso due to the similarities between his innovative style and Picasso’s.


This collaboration grew from the common ground shared by Casio’s philosophy about musical instruments and Britto’s philosophy about art. Casio seeks to make musical instruments accessible to more people, in order to make it easy for everyone to enjoy music, while Romero Britto aims to make art easily relatable to everyone in daily life by expressing hope and happiness in his work with vibrant colors and bold patterns.


The new collaborative model will be based on the Casiotone CT-S1WE, which features a compact and minimalist design that blends well with everyday life. The warmth-exuding speaker fabric will be dynamically adorned with the vivid artwork of Romero Britto. The design is intended to allow users to place the keyboard in their room as if displaying a piece of favorite artwork, adding color to their life and lightening the mood. The uncompromising sound, comprised of the AiX sound source with its rich expressiveness and the slim yet powerful acoustic system, will offer exciting musical experiences to family and friends, making it easy for them to enjoy playing music together.


The new CT-S1FH, the first musical instrument produced in a collaboration between Romero Britto and Casio, is scheduled for release by the end of 2022.




Message from Romero Britto

The artwork I created for the Casiotone came from the inspiration of music. Every time I listen to music, it makes me feel energized, makes me feel happy, and makes me want to create even more artwork. So I invite you to make music anytime, anywhere, as you feel it—as vivid and as colorful as my art—with the new CT-S1FH. Enjoy the Britto collaboration, Britto and Casiotone.


Video message from Romero Britto


Profile of Romero Britto

Born in 1963, Romero Britto is today one of the most celebrated living visual artists and founder of The Happy Art Movement. Rising to global prominence following the selection of his 1989 work “Absolut Art,” he has since been the official artist for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. His work has been exhibited at galleries, museums and public art spaces in over 120 countries, including the Louvre in Paris and Hyde Park in London. Through his use of vibrant colors and bold patterns he expresses hope and happiness—his unique style is instantly recognizable, and he has even been described as a modern-day Picasso


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