Pierre-Yves Plat

Thanks to his considerable musical flair and astonishing virtuosity, Plat has enjoyed a great deal of success — both for his free interpretations as well as his own compositions based on the works of well-known composers.

A virtuoso on the keys

Born in 1980, Pierre-Yves Plat began taking piano lessons from Marie-Claude Legrand at the age of five before going on to study classical piano.

After the release of his first ragtime album in 1996, Plat began playing several concerts in Paris, Versailles and all over France, whilst also regularly playing the jazz and blues festival scene. His talent for reinventing the classical form appeals to a wide audience.


A fusion of classical and jazz

Influenced by jazz, ragtime, boogie woogie, salsa and pop music, Plat combines classical structures with rhythmic breakaways towards other musical styles. Fusing classical music with rhythms inspired by other musical styles gives his work a unique touch thanks to his ability to reinterpret famous works from the classical repertoire into what is effectively a jazz arrangement. Whether it's a new interpretation of a well-known classic by Bach, Chopin or Mozart — with his exceptional musical flair and astonishing virtuosity, he can take you on a musical journey like no other.

Daring to be different

Most people would think that reworking classical favourites would leave purist classical fans "seeing red". Pierre-Yves Plat, however, invites this reaction by wearing his red braces with pride and by customising his CELVIANO Grand Hybrid GP-300 and having it delivered in red.

Plat, who leaves an impression on his audience thanks to his outstanding musical flair, personality and ingenuity, has been an official brand ambassador for CELVIANO Grand Hybrid since 2007.


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