Advice for learners

It is never too late to learn an instrument! The "Advice for learners" section is the place to find valuable information and useful tips for getting started, or even taking up lessons again.

  • Getting started is easy
  • Reasons for learning a keyboard instrument
  • The right way to practice
  • The correct posture

Getting started is easy


And the good news is, anyone can learn to do it! CASIO is on hand to provide advice and guidance and to show you the best tips and handy hints to get started. These tutorials are designed to help you get to grips with the instrument and its features. Take your time: just press "stop" if you do not understand something right away, and enjoy seeing how you progress, which is sure to happen if you follow these excellent instructions.

Reasons for learning a keyboard instrument


Get ready to strike those keys with three simple videos for beginners

In a three-part video series, professional musician Sven Haefliger demonstrates on the CELVIANO AP-450 how to play your first tunes and songs on the piano and how to involve all your senses.

Learn to play piano – part 1

This video is essentially intended for absolute beginners who want to learn how to play the piano. But it is also aimed at anyone who would like to discover a completely new and modern approach to piano playing.

Let's watch together to see the two essential components to making music: Harmony (chords) and melody (individual notes). Learn the basics of modern piano playing in a really fun and accessible way.

Learn to play piano – part 2

This video focuses specifically on two piano chords. The right hand plays the same five notes all the time. Doesn't sounds very difficult, does it? And that's because it's not. You'll learn something else really important too: the tone of the notes change as you change the harmonies (chords) with your left hand.

This is the secret of all great musicians: They know and can hear how the relationships and harmonies work before they play the notes. Just give it a try for yourself. This video is an easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide.

Learn to play piano – part 3

Do you know pianists who play well, but still sound a bit "clunky"? This is probably because they have never really got to grips with rhythm.

This video teaches you how to play something that sounds really good using a very easy method. It's all about learning to feel the rhythm deep inside your body. In time, this rhythmic feeling then automatically comes out in your piano playing and will help you with everything you play in future.

Reasons for learning a keyboard instrument

The right way to practice

The correct posture