AiR Technology

A resounding success

How do you translate the emotional experience of playing an acoustic piano with all its physical and tonal facets to a modern digital piano? By not settling for what has already been achieved, but instead working tirelessly to refine the details. This is precisely what CASIO has succeeded in doing with its new generation of digital pianos. The physical sound emission has been so realistically emulated with the new multidimensional AiR Sound Source that the sound waves seem to emanate directly from the casing*, adding a whole new dimension of authenticity.

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Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source

AiR stands for „Acoustic and intelligent Resonator“ and is the name of the newly developed multi-dimensional sound source from CASIO. In combination with further innovations, this new sound source is at the heart of the new digital piano technology. The result is unprecedented, natural-sounding digital reproduction of the playing and sound properties of a concert grand piano.

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Hall Simulator

NEW! The Hall simulator* can simulate the typical acoustics of 10 different concert halls. This allows the player to experience piano sound virtually like you are in a famous concert hall, a cathedral or a stadium.

*Hall simulator only on models AP-460, PX-A100, PX-A800 and PX-860

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Lossless audio compression

The lossless audio compression technology used only in CASIO‘s revolutionary AiR Sound Source allows sounds to be reproduced with no reduction in sound quality in relation to the original.

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Concert Play

NEW! With CASIO‘s new AiR-Pianos you have the “Concert Play” practice function, allowing you to play piano parts with an orchestral accompaniment. In audio-format there are ten practice pieces enabling you to play along with classical pieces by great composers.

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Lid Simulation

The Lid Simulator simulates the different sound characteristics (brighter/duller) when playing with an open or closed piano lid. There are four simulation levels to choose from depending on personal taste: open, removed, half open or closed.

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Variable piano lid

In the top-of-the-range models AP-650M, AP-450, PX-850 and PX-A800, the piano casing features a real lid that can be opened or closed. This reinforces the three-dimensional impression of an acoustic piano.

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String resonance system

CASIO‘s unique string resonance system ensures precise simulation of the sympathetic and interacting piano strings for all 88 keys. The nuances generated by pressing the damper pedal („damper resonance“) are authentically replicated.

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Audio recording

With the audio recording function, piano playing can be directly stored in .wav format on a flash drive.

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„Tri-Sensor“ Scaled Hammer Action II

CASIO‘s new keyboard action mechanism features three sensors per key that detect the intensity with which the key is struck to reproduce the response of a grand piano action. This precise measurement also allows extremely sophisticated playing techniques with high repetition speed. The weighting of the different parts of the keyboard (scaling) also corresponds to that of its acoustic prototype.

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"Hammer Response"

The specific playing feel of a piano also comes from the time delay between hitting the key and the sounding of the string. The size and mass of the hammer heads and the time that elapses until they impact on the strings are directly linked to the pitch and striking intensity on the keyboard. This mechanical property of an acoustic instrument is explicitly reproduced by CASIO‘s „Hammer Response“ technology.

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Key Off Simulator

The Key Off Simulator ensures authentic end-of-note characteristics. Whether legato or staccato, the long time it takes for notes to fade when the keys are released softly is emulated with as much richness of nuance as the short fade-out time of notes when keys are released quickly.

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Ebony and ivory finish

The high-quality keyboard design offers the same luxurious feel and appearance as real ebony and ivory. The carefully roughened surface texture prevents finger slipping when playing for a long time.